If your local martial arts studio hasn’t reopened yet, consider creating a place where your kids can work out at home to keep their skills sharp. It’s easier and more budget-friendly than you might think! From sourcing equipment at a discount to choosing the perfect space to set aside for your martial arts studio, there are many ways to shoot for quality without overspending. Girl-Jitsu presents a guide on how to get the perfect martial arts home gym set up on a budget.

DIY to Achieve the Perfect Gym Setup

While you can — and should — buy some pieces for your martial arts studio, DIYing many elements can help pad your budget.

  • If you’re short on space, consider creating a gym in your garage.
  • Even if you’re short on money, you can build a gym on a budget.
  • Consider some DIY gym equipment projects to help you save money.
  • You can also look into DIY martial arts equipment.
  • Setting up a martial arts studio in your home can boost your home’s value, so it’s worth the effort.

Make Your Home Gym Family-Friendly

Keeping kids active while they’re indoors can be a challenge. Be sure to incorporate elements for the whole family when developing your martial arts space.

Determine which martial arts flooring is best for your dojo.
Parents: Look for the best equipment to help you make the most of your time.
Check this list of the best exercise accessories under $50.
It’s also important to keep your children safe around home gym equipment.

Look For Discounts on Must-Haves

Wherever you decide to shop, there are ways to get discounts and earn savings. Here’s how to get what you need.

You can often find incredible exercise equipment for your gym under $200.
Search for workout clothes that are both affordable and durable.
Look for rashguards and grappling shorts at Girl-Jitsu.

Having a space where your kids can safely exercise at home is priceless, but that doesn’t mean you want to invest a lot in a home gym. The good news is that with these resources, you can make every aspect of your martial arts studio setup more affordable.