Girl-Jitsu Model Anya

Girl-Jitsu is an organization that strives to promote women’s involvement in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The association aims to inspire and empower women to participate in the sport and provide gorgeous apparel to wear celebrating their femininity and sport. The Girl-Jitsu yearly calendar is a unique product in the BJJ community that raises funds for the organization’s programs. The calendar features ordinary women who train and compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and all the profits from the sale of the calendar go to sponsor female athletes to attend BJJ competitions. The women featured in the calendar are from diverse backgrounds. Some are mothers, some are students, and some are professionals. What they all share is their love of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and their devotion to the sport. The images in the calendar are tasteful and artistic, highlighting the strength and beauty of the female form.

The Girl-Jitsu calendar is more than just a functional product. It is a tool for promoting women in BJJ and increasing awareness of the sport. By featuring ordinary women who train and compete in BJJ, the calendar demonstrates that BJJ is not only for elite athletes but also for anyone willing to invest the time and effort to learn. Furthermore, the calendar helps to raise funds for female athletes to attend BJJ competitions. The costs of BJJ competitions, such as registration fees, travel expenses, and accommodation, can be high. The price of attending a competition can be a barrier for many female athletes. Through the profits of the calendar, Girl-Jitsu can support female athletes in attending BJJ competitions. This not only helps to level the playing field for female athletes but also promotes women in the sport by providing more opportunities for them to compete.

Girl-Jitsu Model Julia

Girl-Jitsu Model Nicole

The Girl-Jitsu calendar is just one of the ways that the organization promotes women in BJJ. Girl-Jitsu also runs training camps, seminars, and other events that empower women in the sport. The organization also provides resources and support for female BJJ athletes, including a directory of female-friendly BJJ schools and a mentorship program. The Girl-Jitsu calendar also attests to the growth of women’s BJJ. When Girl-Jitsu was established, women were still underrepresented in the sport. Today, however, the number of women training and competing in BJJ has grown exponentially. Women’s divisions are now standard in BJJ competitions, and female BJJ athletes are competing at the highest levels of the sport.

The Girl-Jitsu calendar celebrates this growth and reminds us of the importance of supporting and promoting women in BJJ. By featuring ordinary women who train and compete in the sport, the calendar shows that BJJ is not just for elite athletes but also for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to learn. The photographs presented here were taken by Yata Photography ( for The International Women of Jiu-Jitsu calendar which featured women representing their nationalities in jiu-jitsu. Each year, the theme of the calendar changes to make it fun and creative!