I have thought long and hard on what I wanted to say about my experience yesterday at World Masters. I have decided to just speak from my heart. No I did not bring home Gold, but what I have accomplished this year is far more special to me. I made a commitment to improve my strength, cardio, mind and my game in BJJ, and I have done so and will continue this path. I have never felt stronger, healthier and more conditioned mentally and physically in my life! I have made so many beautiful lifetime friendships as well! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support system who love me unconditionally and keep me inspired to be better in every aspect of my life! There are not enough words to describe how full my heart is! I hope each of you all know how much I fiercely love you all and how grateful I am. The women I fought yesterday are amazing competitors and I love how much love and respect we have for each other in this sport! I only hope that the younger generations see this example and are inspired to follow our lead. God Bless and thanks for letting me rant! Special shout out to a few people that I would like to mention….Roberto Traven Bjj ,Crossfit NIKA, Coach Nikki Gibson-Dofflemyer. All of my wonderful training partners (too many to list), my husband and my best friend! OSS!


Photographed by @blanca_marisa_garcia