“Once you learn to remain calm under the stressful circumstances of a fight, you will have no trouble remaining calm under the stressful circumstances of life.” Ryron Gracie comments on just one of the transferable life skills that Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ) offers. The practice of being mindful helps to cope in stressful situations, and it forms a large component of BJJ training. The popularity of integrating mindfulness into coaching sessions continues to increase across a range of sports in order to perfect performance.

Knowing your mind at a split second in time brings benefits not only while partaking in combat sport, but also in self regulation, providing coping strategies within other areas of life as well. Practicing the gentle art of BJJ can help you to stay calm under pressure but it can help in particular in terms of furthering your career. This article examines how the discipline of Jui Jitsu transfers onto vital skills that are valued in positions up the ladder of life.

Coping With Challenge

From the very start of a BJJ class, we are put in tough situations and must learn how to defend and counter. The following day, there are a new set of challenges all of which need to be dealt with. Finishing each class with a sense of accomplishment benefits not only your physical attributes but your mental health too. In the workplace, this can be vital when we face difficult situations that require patience and teamwork to reach a resolution.

Increase Your Employability

If it is not clear what you can do, then that won’t be picked up on in the six seconds that on average a recruiter looks at your resume in their initial “fit/no fit” decision. BJJ is about problem solving so your approaches in Jui Jitsu can be placed strategically in order to propel you ahead of the rest. A clear, well formatted resume has increased readability and may increase your chances of getting hired. It is increasingly common for recruiters to select specific skills and demand proof that employees will rise to challenges. Showcasing your skills learnt in Jui Jitsu is a fine art in itself.

Prepare And Perfect

Perfecting new skills require constant reinforcement and practice; if you have the resilience and determination to progress in BJJ then you are more likely to be able to commit and progress within a job role. BJJ teaches us to combine technique with natural ability, investing our efforts into getting things done the right way instead of losing time and strength. By being prepared, one can work smarter, not harder and this will minimize mistakes. It is essentially these skills that can be reflected on your record and enhance your career progression in order to show your strength of character. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but with your confidence built through BJJ, you have a greater sense of belief to strengthen your path.