One thing I’m asked a lot is “How do you do it?” Typically people are referring to keeping up with school and a professional career in mixed martial arts, but what they don’t usually know is that I also worked as a teaching assistant and had a part time job on the side my entire way through graduate school as well. I am finally almost done with school and will end with my master’s degree for now. While this was not my choice, I’ve found that it probably is in my best interest.

Having so much to keep up with, especially with the high expectations I hold for myself has been mentally exhausting for years on end, sacrificing sleep, time with family, and times I could be enjoying life. But I see the negatives as just a step in my journey leading to positive things. By focusing on priorities, having faith, and with the guidance of my loved ones, I have made it to a high level in both academics and athletics. My accomplishments in these areas do not define who I am, yet they reflect the values that make up my soul.

My entire life has been filled with challenges and usually I make them for myself. Why? I like to use the talents God has granted me and at the end of my life on Earth, not have to wonder if I took every opportunity I could to reach my potential. Though I falter, by getting a bad grade or losing a fight on occasion, those areas of my life are only means to an end.  I will one day get to relax more and live live in leisure because I work hard now to create that “perfect day” for myself.

Miranda Maverick – Contributing Writer