Girls in Jiu Jitsu want one thing when it comes to our attire and that’s a rash guard that checks all of our boxes. I think I speak on behalf of all the girls in Jiu Jitsu when I say we want a rash guard that fits us in all the right places so that we aren’t constantly adjusting it during training, and a size chart that is familiar with our bodies.

Before I was shopping at Girl-Jitsu, I was using men’s rash guards or I was settling for the small selection that was offered for the women. I’ve never made so many returns in my life.

There was no stretchiness in the chest area so whenever I’d put those rash guards on, it would turn white because of that lack of stretchiness, clearly not made for a woman. The sizing was off, I’d order a small/medium and it would either be way too big or way too small, and there was never an in between. The material would be super loose in the lower stomach area or it would be so tight whenever I moved the entire rash guard would ride up. There was barely an inclusivity when it came to women’s rash guards and there still isn’t, but there is a brand that has decided to step up and make that difference.

Fortunately, Girl-Jitsu was created and I’ve never been happier. My Girl-Jitsu rash guard represents inclusivity and that girls in Jiu Jitsu deserve to be comfortable too. Girl-Jitsu made sure to define themselves as a brand that cares about comfort, style, fit, and that women in Jiu Jitsu are badasses. There’s something comforting about knowing that a person saw the issues women were having in Jiu Jitsu and decided to make a change. By making that change, Girl-Jitsu rash guards have checked all of my boxes.

This rash guard is comfortable, it doesn’t ride up during training, and it isn’t too long so the fabric towards the lower stomach area isn’t wrinkled or loose. It fits my torso area perfectly especially during training when there’s so much movement happening, that is a very big deal to women in Jiu Jitsu. The last thing we need is for our attire to rise up in the middle of a roll.

There’s stretchiness in the chest area which means I’m comfortable to wear a thicker sports bra if needed because I know my Girl-Jitsu rash guard won’t create that white “not stretchy” look. The sizing is true to size, I didn’t need to order a small and a medium and then return the other, that’s usually what I do since the size chart is never accurate on the other grappling attire brands. Girl-Jitsu made this rash guard with all women’s body types in mind and what we need. It feels like our voices are heard and as women in Jiu Jitsu, we need a brand that will hear our concerns and make those adjustments. Girl-Jitsu has succeeded when it comes to this.

Not only is this rash guard made for women but it’s made to uplift women in Jiu Jitsu as well.

The design is a beautiful combination of pink and black with a patterned design across the lower stomach, along with beautiful lettering that reads “ Girl-Jitsu” on top and “ Pretty. Tough.” right under it. I feel confident as a woman in Jiu Jitsu wearing a rash guard that backs me up and shows that there’s a brand that thinks the same about women in Jiu Jitsu, and that thought is how we’re pretty and tough but also pretty tough. Girl-Jitsu is meant to be the “ IT” brand for women in Jiu Jitsu. so I suggest making the best change for yourself and start getting your Jiu Jitsu attire from Girl-Jitsu.

Review by Amanda O’Connor: Instagram – @amandaaoconnorr